Darts Betting Market( Highest Match Checkout stb)

When a game of darts starts, the two competing players aim for the bulls eye to determine who gets to throw first. The player who aims closest to the bulls eye gets to start. Much like in tennis, the player who gets to throw first is like the player on serve. He has an adavantage over the opponent on that leg; they are expected to win it. If the player throwing second wins the leg, then they have broken the leg and hold an advantage going forward, unless the other player breaks back. You can get more information about how you can take your bet on darts if you visit dartsonlinebetting.co.uk.

darts betting in playIt is not easy to break because the player who throws first gets to reduce theirs points first. They will therefore get below 170 first (unless its a really poor player versus a top class player) and will be in a position to checkout first. 170 is the maximum figure a player can checkout with because we require either the bulls eye or a double on the last dart thrown. 170 can therefore be achieved by the ‘T20T20Bull’ where T stands for treble.

In order for a player to break, they will more often than not require to clear a high checkout number and almost definitely require to clear a number greater than the opponents. The other way to break is for the the first thrower to miss their double when checking out.

The Market

Your bookmaker will set a line and require you to indicate whether the highest match checkout will be ‘over’ or ‘under’ that line. For Instance, a match recently played between Mensur Suljovic and Micheal Smith had the following odds for highest match checkout;

(120.5) Under – 1.9 (120.5) Over – 1.9

Here, you are supposed to say whether the highest checkout in the match will be above 120 or not. The bookmaker seems to think it’s a touch and go scenario and has given odds of 1.9 for each event taking place which effectively means it’s a 50/50 scenario.

Betting Strategy

Some players are checkout masters and you can expect some big checkouts when they are playing. A good example of such a match was the 2017 world championships final that saw Gary Anderson taking on Micheal Van Gerwen. In that match , a total of 41 180’s were hit with Gary Anderson breaking the record for most 180’s in a match by recording 22. In that match, checkouts above 100 were the norm.

When looking to bet on this market, it is therefore important to look at the quality of players on show. If there is a checkout master playing, go for the ‘over’ option whereas if there are some more methodical players who are not interested in high checkouts, look at the ‘under’ option. Some of the important factors to consider when looking to bet on this market are listed below.

Player skill and ability

bet in play dartsEvery now and then, there is an emerging star, a hitherto unkown player just breaking into the limelight. They will keep on being regarded as an underdog as they continue to steamroll over everyone until it gets to a point that they will be accepted as a top player. That is the kind of player you should be looking to invest in. If you think that a player is skilled enough to win against the top players, rather than betting on them, bet that a big scoring game is on our hands and go for the ‘over’ in “Highest Match Checkout’ Market.

This is because the really top players, when faced with some stiff competition will usually bring out their ‘A’ game when under pressure and clear some huge numbers. Eventually, our player might lose to the big shot, our player might not even be the one with the biggest checkout, but he will push his opponent to those levels.
When two really talented players face off, its better to go for the ‘over’ option.

Player form

A player in good form is a confident player. He or she will be attempting daring moves, moves a player out of form would not. Always put in mind that an in form player versus a top notch player will always be a tightly fought affair, one full of 180’s and 170’s. When on the other other hand two top notch players clash, expect fireworks. These are some of the matches where an ‘over’ bet on the bookmakers line would be advisable. Of course a game between two out of form players is an excellent opportunity to bet on the ‘under’ option.

As a parting shot, let me put a disclaimer. Although it’s safe to assume that the bookmaker knows what they’re doing, it’s good to do your own analysis and come up with your own line. Come up with your own figure of how high the best checkout will be and then compare it with the bookmakers line.